The Top 15 Best Blanket Coats for Dogs

Keeping your dog cozy during the winter months doesn’t have to be hard or unfashionable. With so many online retailers now providing cute winter options for your pup, it can be overwhelming with the number of options. You can even have a hard time finding one specific style of coat that you think will suit your dog the best. 

One of the most trendy style coats is the blanket coat, which combines the at-home relaxation of blanket material and the warm snugness of a short coat. It is no surprise that this winter item is also available as a coat option for dogs too! In our list, we have compiled some of the top best blanket coats for dogs and their specs to help you find the best choice for your pup. 

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Take a bite out of the cold with your pup with this quality dog blanket coat from the brand Zack & Zoey. This durable coat has two different sides to it for you to reverse and switch as needed. One side is a solid color with wind and waterproof material to keep the weather from getting to your dog. 

The other side is fleece and comes in a plaid pattern, maintaining the classic look of a blanket coat. All around the border, there is a reflective stripe as well as a reflective paw print on the bottom corner for your dog’s safety. Adjustable velcro lets you size up or down the coat to give your pet the best fit before they go out on adventures in the cold. 

Best of all, this coat is machine washable. Now you do not even have to worry about your dog jumping in puddles with their new fancy coat on. Simple remove and toss in the wash after every adventure to keep your pet always cozy. 

  • Sizes: XX-small, X-small, Small, Small/medium, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • Colors: Eight options available (Black, Chive, Dark Blue, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red)
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here. 

Fulvara Fleece Dog Coat

There are times where we want something functional for our pup, and there are times when we want something that is just plain cute. This Fleece Dog Coat from brand Fulvara says, “Why not have both?” Designed with an adorable Shiba Inu print on flannel fabric, this dog cloak even has a hood on it to keep your pup’s ears warm!

With flannel as the outer material, fluffy fleece acts as a quality liner to help your doggo retain his warmth while around the home or walking. Made of high-quality fabric, this coat resists tears by maintaining its stretch, allowing it to move with your dog or resist their teeth and nails. It’s designed to last during all of your winter seasons. 

It has multi-purpose use too! While going on an adventure outside, the snap fasteners allow you to give your dog a snug sweater or cloak to run around in. When adventure time is over, you can tuck them in as it doubles as a blanket they can play and snuggle under on the couch or in their own bed. It’s rare to find a coat that goes for double use!

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: 2 options available (Blue or Pink)
  • Materials:100% Polyester
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here.  

BSEEN Dog Jacket Waterproof Soft Cotton Blanket Coat

Whether you live in the country or the city, a big concern for many pet parents is that they want to make sure drivers see your dog when they are walking. That is why it is so important to so many that any article of clothing helps increase your dog’s visibility to oncoming traffic or passersby. 

BSEEN is a company that understands this concern and has modeled its entire business around creating items that will increase the visibility of pets and people alike. Their dog jacket, which only comes in green, is reflective and waterproof, giving your dog comfort and ensuring that any light that hits them will reflect back, alerting potential hazards. 

The material is also designed to provide good insulation, allowing the dog to retain warmth more readily in colder weather. It is machine washable and has a dog-friendly buckling system that is designed to not smother your dog or make them feel as though they are trapped. This means they can move freely and without care.

There is a rather large note to be had when ordering this coat. The listing itself only has one size, however, they do offer more sizes upon contact. They request that you take your dog’s measurements and reach out to them for availability on other sizes. 

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large, XXX-large
  • Colors: Green
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here. 

Derby Originals Ruff Pup 1200D Ripstop Waterproof Winter Dog Coat

Derby Originals created a dog blanket coat that is designed similarly to a horse blanket coat. Horses require coats in order to get quality protection from rain and cold, which can cause serious issues if left unchecked. Because they are highly mobile animals, their coats are typically looser than others, allowing them a full range of motion while still keeping them dry. 

The dog blanket coat made by Derby Originals keeps this in mind while adding a few dog-specific flairs to their design. This coat is made of ripstop material, which was created to hinder clothes’ ability to tear. Though the heavy-duty shell keeps rain and winds off your doggo, it remains breathable so that your dog has less of a chance to overheat.

Another added benefit is that this coat can easily be hand cleaned with simple wipes. While many coats require machine washing, because of the hard shell of ripstop material, it hinders staining and allows for most dirt and mud to simply be wiped away. This will save you time on cleaning the jacket before your dog goes back outside.

The coolest thing is that Derby Originals stand by their coat. Each coat comes with a limited two-year warranty that you can use to ensure your doggo always has the best coat for them. It is not often at all that a clothing manufacturer of any kind offers this type of deal!

  • Sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Colors: Six color options (Ice Blue, Arctic Purple Plaid, Chocolate, Green Fawn Plaid, Orange Woodland, Purple)
  • Materials: 150 grams of polyfill and ripstop material
  • Rating:4.5/5

Check it out here.

Fashion Pet Outdoor Dog Blanket Coat

Just looking for a simple blanket coat for your dog? Fashion Pet offers an outdoor-specific blanket coat with no muss, no fuss. This coat is velcro fastened for easy dressing and removal and provided premium waterproof protection while still remaining breathable. While not the most fashionable, it will get the job done to keep your pet clean and warm.

It does handle machine washing well but is sensitive to washing materials such as bleach and requires a line dry instead of a machine dry. One quality feature it has is a leash hole. Many coats forgo this, but having a leash hole makes it easy to walk your dog without worrying about the leash or collar getting caught up in the coat. 

While it may not be the most fancy, this coat is effective in protection and ensures your peace of mind when the next winter storm is in full force. Simply wrap your pup up in this coat and let them explore. The coat will do all the warmth work while you can focus on keeping yourself warm!

  • Sizes: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • Colors: Two color options (Red or Blue)
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Rating: 5/5

Check it out here.

QBLEEV Warm Dog Coat Reflective Dog Winter Jacket

Certain coats can shift and shimmy all over the place while your dog is outside playing or handling their business. While not a big deal initially, it can actually leave gaps in your dog’s protection from the cold, allowing the air to get between the security of the coat and your doggo’s skin. 

This coat prevents this in multiple ways. First, it has quick-release buckle closures to secure your dog in the jacket. After you secure it, there are also elastic to provide hidden secondary security around your dog’s hind legs. This does not interfere with their mobility and ensures the coat stays on straight and secure at all times, with no gaps!

The QBLEEV coat keeps visibility and security in mind in several different ways. The coat itself has multiple reflective stripes that trace along with your dog’s back, ensuring that any light at any angle is reflected and your dog is seen. Instead of a leash hole, it has a D-ring built-in to allow you to leash your dog from the coat or as an extra level of control on walks.

Finally, it is fashionable on top of this! It comes in standard colors with a cute fluffed collar designed to prevent wind from traveling along their neck while also being cute. You can stand or sit this collar depending on your preference. 

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Three color options (Purple, Black, Red)
  • Materials: Nylon, Cotton
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here.

Waterproof Windproof Dog Rambler Coat

This coat is for the simple dog owner who just wants to keep their dog warm while they go on a walk. The rambler coat is no muss, no fuss. Simply strap your dog into this coat with velcro, and you are off on wherever the trail may lead you both. It is designed to provide maximum protection without any movement restriction.

What exactly does maximum protection mean? There is a bit of a dichotomy when it comes to dog coats. You don’t want your dog to be exposed to the elements, but you don’t want them to overheat either. The rambler coat sets out to find the balance between the two to ensure buyers get a coat that will protect their dogs but not smother them.

The durable exterior material is made to be water and wind-proof, cutting the chill from the air and loss of body temperature from the rain on your dog’s skin. At the same time, it strives to be breathable to prevent the possibility of overheating as long as the coat is applied properly. 

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Two color options (Red or Grey)
  • Materials: Polyamide
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here.

Tough-1 600D Waterproof Dog Blanket

The Tough-1 dog blanket takes the owner into account as well as the dog. For owners, as cute as a coat might be, it can grow irritating when it interferes with how you can control your dog or doesn’t seem to hold in place as it ought. Tough-1 understands how difficult some coats can be and tries to circumvent any issues an owner might have in their coat.

It sets to ensure fit for your dog by using a combination of elastics and buckle straps to get a good grip on your pup. These elastics do not bite into your dog’s skin, cause discomfort or hinder movement, meaning the coat remains secure no matter how your pet plays. This snugness ensures they stay warm!

Next, Tough-1 designed this coat to allow for leash and collar access. Without these, it can be tricky and even harmful to walk your dog in a coat. They created an access hole to allow you to easily clip the leash on before you head outside. You can even use a harness with this coat, allowing for ultimate control during walkies. 

  • Sizes: XX-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Colors: Two color options (Orange or Purple)
  • Materials: Ripstop
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here.

Kensington Signature Plaid 1200 Denier Dog Coat

While Kensington has its origins in equine products, this family-owned business has expanded its enterprises to provide similar protection for dogs. Horse owners expect quality and protection for their horses, and so do dog owners. Kensington has designed a blanket coat for dogs that provides them with quality protection against the elements.

What sets these coats apart is their classic appeal and styling. Instead of getting a flat color ripstop material coat, Kensington Signature provides a stylish design that gives your dog an air of class while ensuring they don’t catch a chill. There is a soft liner and added hollow-fill, giving the coat real-world usability as it retains and maintains the warmth of your pet.

It also differs in its securing method. While some coats use just plain velcro or buckle straps, the Kensington Signature uses a hook and loop method to keep the coat on your dog securely. Unlike using plain velcro, this method also involves wrapping the velcro correctly to ensure a secure connection. 

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Small/medium, Medium, Medium Short, Medium Long, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Nine available color options (English Navy, Black Ice, Blue Ice, Citrus Slate, Deluxe Black, Deluxe Red, Patriot, Plum Ice, Patriot Plaid)
  • Materials: Ripstop
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Check it out here.

Fashion Pet Faux Fur Shearling Blanket Dog Coat

As we know, our dog’s fur does a lot more for them than it does for us. While we think of it as soft, cute, or something to style, a dog’s fur plays a key role in insulation against the weather, damage, and exterior issues. However, when it is cold, your dog might almost wish it had a second layer of fur, especially if they are short-haired.

Why not give them a second layer of fur? Faux fur that is! The Fashion Pet brand provides a unique, cute dog blanket coat that uses faux fur and sherpa to line the coat. It provides an adorable coat design as well as an actively warm coat to ensure your doggo is safe when on outdoor excursions. It’s topped off with suede as its exterior material, giving it a leather coat vibe.

This coat is extra secure, using many different velcro fasteners and elastics to keep your pup in while they run around. A dog blanket coat can be pleasant for your dog as well as yourself. They will feel comfortable with the soft sherpa lining insulating them, and you will have a ton of cute dog-in-coat pictures after your adventure. 

  • Sizes: Large
  • Colors: Camel
  • Materials: Polyester sherpa, suede, and faux fur
  • Rating: ⅘

Check it out here.

GOOD2GO Horse Blanket Dog Coat

Do you have a dog that, no matter how hard you try, just won’t keep its coat on? This is nothing to worry about. Not all dogs like wearing clothes. However, sometimes, when it is especially chilly, we need to help protect them from the incoming poor weather. Is there a coat that they absolutely won’t be able to tear off like it was nothing?

Welcome to the GOOD2GO Horse Blanket Dog Coat. This coat uses a webbed buckle design, which attaches at the chest and twice around the belly, ensuring your dog is wrapped up tight while not impeding mobility. This waterproof coat has a super soft inner lining that appeals to pups and feels like a snuggly bed. 

No matter if there is snow, sleet, or just rain and high wind, your dog will stay protected while out and about. This coat sees to that. When walkies are done, simply unbuckle and remove the coat. The exterior shell is durable enough to be resistant to stains and only needs a quick wipe before you fold it and put it away. 

  • Sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials: Ultra soft fleece and water repellent shell
  • Rating: 5/5

Check it out here.

Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket

The Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket is a little more specialized than others. While most manufacturers set out to cover a wide variety of breeds, this coat has a specific body shape in mind for its optimal dog usage. If you have a greyhound, whippet, or another lithe dog breed that leans towards running, then this coat will make your day.

The reason behind this is the contours that are built into the shape of the dog blanket coat, designed to lay and fit to the spry body type of the dogs mentioned above. The front fasteners and belly belt secure it to your dog, allowing them to bolt freely without having to worry about the cold hitting their short fur and skin too brusquely.

There is also the addition of a turtle neck design, which follows along the longer neck of whippet and greyhound type dogs. You can keep it up for fold it down, making it more of an aesthetic element on warmer days where your dog may still need a coat. Finally, the soft, warm lining is pleasant to these shorter furred dogs, allowing them to stay in the coat warmer for longer. 

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Four color options (Black, Navy, Pink, Red)
  • Materials: Water Proo Material and Fleece
  • Rating: ⅘

Check it out here.

OCSOSO Dog Warm Coat Jacket

This coat provides quality cold weather protection at an affordable price. The OCSOSO Dog Warm Coat Jacket is simple in its design, but that simple design is deceptive in how effective it is. Made of brushed velvet and polyester, this coat uses its layers to keep the heat in between your dog and the world. 

Instead of elastics, it has two straps to secure the coat to your pup. One goes across the chest while the other hooks under their belly. This ensures that even if it is knocked loose in one spot during roughhousing, the coat won’t be torn off completely. From there, it’s a simple call to your dog to have them come back so you can reattach it. 

Reflective strips are laid across the back of the coat, giving your dog active security. There is one additional feature that benefits pet owners, and that is the inclusion of a storage pouch! With this, you can have your dog carry their bags or snacks as they go. Who doesn’t need extra storage while on a walk?

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Three color options (Hunter Green, Nave Blue, Red)
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Rating: 4/5

Check it out here. 

Kuoser Cozy Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

Kuoser promotes themselves as a bestseller on Amazon for a reason. Their Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest is in the style of a blanket coat with possibility. One side is a cushion-styled waterproof material, with polyfill to prevent loss of warmth. The other is a classic plaid fleece which is soft in your dog.

It offers quality amenities to the dog owner as well. It uses the hook and loop system as well as elastics to secure the coat to your dog before the walk. There is also easy button access to the leash connection so that you can just reach through the buttonhole and connect the leash. Finally, there is a neat little leather label, adding an extra touch to the luxury of this dog blanket coat. 

Kuoser goes out of their way to ensure any, and all dogs can use this coat for quality protection. They offer a ton of sizes and suggest the customer contact them for any inquiries they may have on sizing or if their dog has differing needs. 

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large
  • Colors: Seven available options (Bright Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red)
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Check it out here.

Snuggie for Dogs

Snuggie is sort of the ultimate blanket coat when you think about it. With sleeves and a long train, it allows for comfortable wrapping and warmth for both humans and now dogs. The Snuggie only offers two colors to choose from, but it does come in a variety of sizes to ensure your doggo gets the right Snuggie for them.

When considering the Snuggie as a dog blanket coat, it is important to remember that this is for indoor use primarily. Because of its design, its applicability for outdoor use is limited. Sleeves are a great way to keep your dog’s front legs warm, but they can prevent them from running and carrying on during playtime. 

It may also impede their ability to handle their business. For these reasons, if you are looking for an outdoor coat, it would not be the best option. However, if you are looking for a blanket coat that your dog can snuggle up in with you on the couch, the Snuggie is a bar none the right dog blanket coat for the job!

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Two available colors (Pink or Blue)
  • Materials: Fleece
  • Rating: ⅗

Check it out here.

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