The 30 Best Pet Clothes for Active Dogs

Dogs Clothes

Who doesn’t like dressing up their dogs? Dressing up your dog can be rewarding when you get to see them all cute and spiffed up, but if your dog is a very active and playful one, finding the proper clothing for them might be difficult. Certain clothing types made with knitted or cotton materials tend to get dirty pretty quickly when your dog is playing in the grass, dirt, sand, or snow.

Read on to find the 30 best activewear for dogs consisting of hats, eyewear, scarves, shirts, tracksuits, jumpsuits, snowsuits, harnesses, vests, jackets, and more. These pet clothes for active dogs are suitable for either hot weather, cool weather, rainy weather, or snowy weather so your dog can keep cool, dry, or warm when out in the elements, either in the day or the night.


Dogs Hats

During hot summer days, the sun projects harmful ultraviolet rays that could burn your dog’s skin if the proper protection is not provided. Hats can block the sun and keep your dog happy and healthy. In the winter, the cold, strong winds, and snow can freeze your dog’s ears and possibly cause ear infections or frostbite. Hats protect your dog’s ears from these conditions.

ShopTrend Dog Biker Helmet with Goggles

If you drive a motorcycle and enjoy joyrides with your furry best friend, then this biker helmet and goggles set is perfect for your dog. These clip-on helmets come in the colors:

  • Jet black
  • Cerulean blue
  • Poinsettia pink

And the goggles are jet black with rainbow-polarized lenses. The helmet sizes some in small at four inches, medium at five inches, and large at six inches.

The helmet is made with rugged ABS plastic material so it can block the sun from shining its harmful ultraviolet rays on your dog’s head and prevent sunburns. The helmet can also break the high-speed winds from riding a motorcycle and completely covers your dog’s ears to prevent ear infections. The inside of the helmet is lined with comfortable spongy material for your dog.

The goggles that come with the helmet are windproof to prevent stiff wind or flying debris like insects or small rocks from irritating your dog’s eyes. They are also rainproof, in case it starts raining on your outing, so you don’t have to worry about rain flying into their eyes or drying their face when you get to your destination. These goggles can also protect against harmful UV rays.

TailUp Dog Sun Hat

During a sunny summer day, you might want to spend some time with your dog outside so they can get some good exercise while you soak up the sun. However, it can be worrisome if the sun is shining too brightly because its harmful ultraviolet rays might give your dog a sunburn or aggravate their eyes. This sun hat for dogs can help block the sun’s rays while your dog plays.

The sun hat is made with comfortable canvas and breathable mesh fabrics so your dog won’t overheat during their playtime, and there are ear holes so their ears can be free from restriction. The sizes this sun hat comes in are small at ten inches by three inches, medium at 13 inches by four inches, and large at 16 inches by five inches for the best chance of a fit for your dog’s head.

The colors this sun hat comes in are baby blue, peony-pink floral, bubblegum pink, and rainbow-striped to match your dog’s personality, so they can look cute and stylish while still being protected from the sun. This sun hat can also be adjusted to fit your dog’s head more accurately using the chin drawstring, which can also prevent the hat from flying off during play.

PupLid Dog Trucker Hat

This trucker hat for dogs is the perfect choice for your dog if their eyes are sensitive to the sun or have any eye conditions because it has a curved bill that maximizes the blockage of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Made with half cotton and half polyester materials, this trucker hat is comfortable and has a breathable mesh back so your dog won’t get too hot in the summer sun.

The small size of this trucker hat means that it can fit a diversity of small dog breeds, including:

  • Beagles
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • French Bulldogs
  • Pugs

You can customize this hat to match your dog’s unique personality using a variety of different choices. The colors that this trucker hat for dogs comes in are cobalt blue, olive green, hot pink, and crimson red. There are also four different patterns, including all-terrain, bear, eagle, and surfer dog. This stylish hat is sure to fit your dog with its easily adjustable Velcro chin strap.


The bright sun’s ultraviolet rays during summer days can aggravate your dog’s eyes, especially if they are older and their eyesight is already poor. High-speed wind and debris can also fly into your dog’s eyes if you’re traveling on a bike or hiking together, so strapping on a pair of protective eye gear for your dog can help them to see better and avoid harm to their sight.

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

Using UV400 rated lenses, this pair of dog goggles can block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from your dog’s eyes so they can be active without eye irritation. Each goggles pair comes with two interchangeable lenses: clear, and the second color is your choice. The fastening strap for these goggles is completely adjustable so they can fit any dog breed.

The sizes these dog goggles come in a range from extra-small to extra-large, and they even have a small-wide option for dog breeds with unique face shapes like Boston Terriers. The different colors of lenses to choose from include clear, smoke, blue mirror, and red mirror. The goggles’ varying colors come in are apollo blue, army green, jet black, and coyote tan.

PetLeso Dog Goggles

Dog Goggles

If you have a large breed dog like a Golden Retriever, Golden Shepherd, or a Huskie who loves to play outside no matter the weather condition, then this pair of dog goggles might be perfect for them. These goggles are made with a soft, flexible PVC frame for your dog’s comfort, and its head size is completely adjustable with an adjustable chin strap for the best fit on your dog.

The lenses for these goggles are UV protectant, so you know your dog’s eyes will be protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These goggles also have windproof, dustproof, and waterproof features so your dog can play whether it’s windy, dusty, raining, or snowing. The colors these goggles have are black with smoke-tinted lenses or white with blue mirror lenses.

Doggles Dog Goggles

With vet-recommended 100% UV protectant, anti-fog, and shatterproof features, this pair of dog goggles can keep your dog’s eyes safe while adding a stylish flair. The color of these goggles for small dogs is cherry red with smoke-tinted lenses, and its material is flexible padded rubber for maximum comfort for your dog. The head and chin straps are both adjustable for a better fit.

Snoods & Scarves

When It’s cold out, your dog’s neck and ears might get cold, so It’s best to cover them up with a scarf or a snood. Snoods are like scarves since they wrap around your dog’s neck to keep them warm and cozy, except they elongate to also wrap around their head and cover their ears. If your dog finds that wrapping things around its head is too much, you can use a regular scarf.

RC Pet Dog Snood

If you live in a cold climate and your dog’s neck and ears get cold when you go outside to play, then this dog snood is perfect for them. Made with soft, stretchy fleece material, your dog can be warm without any restriction. This snood has two separate adjustable drawstrings so that it will fit better around your dog’s face and neck. There is a reflective strip, so your dog is visible at night.

The sizes this dog snood comes in are small at ten inches long, medium at 12 inches long, and large at 15 inches long. The colors this dog snood comes in includes:

  • Jet black with lime green drawstrings
  • Cherry red with heather grey drawstrings
  • Turquoise blue with tiger orange drawstrings

This snood is machine-washable for easy care, and its fabric won’t pill or shrink.

Kurgo Dog Snood

Unlike any other, this dog snood is made with 88% polyester and 12% spandex materials for a breathable feel so your dog can be both comfortable and warm. The snood can be worn as both a scarf and a hat, and its neck has adjustable drawstrings so it can fit your dog better. The color of this snood is charcoal grey and white, and it comes in the sizes small, medium, and large.

JC House Dog Scarf

This stylish scarf and hat combo is made with cotton materials and is fleece-lined, so your dog’s neck and ears can stay insulated and warm when active during the cold wintertime. The sizes this scarf comes in are small, medium, and large. The colors this scarf comes in are fashionable brown plaid with beige lining, green tartan with brown lining, and red plaid with off-white lining.


When it’s hot and sunny in the summertime, you can put your dog in a shirt to keep the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun from burning your dog’s skin. Shirts can also keep your dog’s coat clean because they serve as a barrier between the dirt and grass and your dog’s fur after rolling around outside. Shirts can always be washed after each use for a fresh start for the next time.

Pet Life Aero-Pawsle Dog Tank Top

If your dog loves to play at the beach, then this UV protectant and quick-drying dog tank top might be perfect for them. This dog tank top is made with ultra-elastic and micro-fiber materials so your dog won’t overheat in the hot summer sun. The sizes for this tank top range from extra-small to extra-large and come in a large variety of colors to match your dog’s personality.

NFL Dog Football Jersey

If your dog loves to play football with you, then this NFL-style dog football jersey might be perfect for them. Officially licensed by the NFL, there are 24 different teams you can choose to be displayed on your dog’s football jersey so they can rep your home team with no issue. This dog football jersey is made with poly-mesh and satin materials for your dog’s maximum comfort.

Lakers Dog Basketball Jersey

If your dog loves to play basketball and you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, then this Lakers dog basketball jersey might be perfect for them. The sizes for this jersey range from extra-small to as big as six times extra-large so your dog can rep your home team no matter their size. This jersey is made with breathable poly-mesh and satin materials for your dog’s maximum comfort.


If you live in an area that gets cold during the wintertime but doesn’t snow, then jumpsuits might be the best choice for your dog. Jumpsuits can keep your dog warm while allowing them to play outside in the elements without getting their coats dirtied or wet. Jumpsuits can also serve as full-body raincoats, so you won’t have to spend an hour drying your dog after a walk in the rain.

Dog Helios Hurricanine Dog Jumpsuit

This dog jumpsuit is made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions like hurricane-force winds and frigid temperatures, so you know that your dog will be safe when sudden weather changes happen during outings. The jumpsuit is windproof, water-resistant, and features a heat-reflecting lining so your dog can stay when playing outside in the cold.

With reflective tubing and taping all around the exterior of this jumpsuit, cars will be able to see your dog at nighttime so you can safely go on nightly walks. Each of the legs on the jumpsuit also features adjustable Velcro straps, and the underbelly has an adjustable drawstring so it can fit your dog more accurately. There is also a harness slit on the back so you can layer over it.

SZFY Dog Jumpsuit

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, this 100% waterproof polyester dog jumpsuit is perfect for your dog during rainy runs. The jumpsuit comes in a range of sizes from double extra-small to five times extra-large so your dog can stay dry while on rainy walks no matter their size. It features both button and Velcro closures so that the jumpsuit will have an airtight fit.

This dog jumpsuit also includes a detachable hood with an adjustable drawstring so you can cover your dog’s ears to prevent ear infections from raindrops entering their ears. The jumpsuit’s fabric is tear-resistant, so your dog won’t rip their clothes no matter how rambunctious they are. There is also a built-in leash hole to attach a leash to their collar underneath.

Lovelonglong Dog Jumpsuit

Coming in various sizes for multiple dog breeds, whether they’re small, medium, large, or have unique-shaped bodies like French Bulldogs, this high-quality 100% waterproof jumpsuit is perfect for your dog. The jumpsuit also features windproof technology and is hooded so your dog can stay warm and avoid ear infections from high-speed winds blowing into their ears.

Dog Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit comes in four different color combinations with black and:

  • Lime green
  • Neon orange
  • Eggplant purple
  • Cherry red

So you can find the best color that fits your dog’s personality. This jumpsuit for dogs also has an adjustable belt for a more airtight fit that provides better waterproof coverage. There is a leash hole so you can walk your dog.


During dangerous weather with freezing temperatures in the wintertime, like snowstorms and ice storms, you can dress your dog in a snowsuit. Snowsuits offer warm lining to protect against frostbite and a padded exterior to protect from abrasions caused by flying debris so your dog can stay safe in harsh winter weather conditions. Snowsuits are best for active dogs in winter.

Dog Helios Thunder-Crackle Dog Snowsuit

This thick fleece-lined dog snowsuit is windproof and waterproof, so your dog can stay dry and toasty even during hurricane-force winds and freezing temperatures throughout blizzards. The snowsuit’s outer shell is reflective for up to three meters so your dog can be seen in the dark. It also has adjustable drawstrings on all four legs for an airtight fit to seal and protect your dog.

Selmai Airman Dog Snowsuit

Ranging in sizes from extra-small to extra-large, this fleece-lined airman snowsuit can keep your dog feeling warm and looking cute no matter their breed. The snowsuit is made with three layers of materials, including waterproof polyester and warm cotton, so your dog can stay dry and insulated when active in the snow. The colors come in navy blue, dark brown, and neon red.

MuYaoPet Dog Snowsuit

If your dog loves playing in the snow, but you’re worried that the extreme temperatures might cause harm, then this snowsuit is perfect for them. This three-layered material snowsuit is waterproof so your dog can stay warm and keep dry in the snow. The snowsuit is hooded, so you can cover their ears and prevent infection. The sizes range from small to double extra-large.


When you walk your dog in the dark, you can dress them in a high-visibility or reflective vest so drivers and hunters can see that you are both on the side of the road and avoid getting too close. Vests also make great flotation devices so your dog can stay afloat when swimming and can provide a handle to grab onto to prevent the current from carrying your dog out to the sea.

Migohi Dog Vest

Coming in a variety of high-visibility colors like neon orange, baby pink, and cherry red, this reflective-taped dog vest is perfect for your nightly walks with your dog. This vest is lined with fleece and is windproof so your dog can stay warm during the cold, windy winter nighttime. The vest is also waterproof and splash-proof to prevent your dog from getting soaked by the rain.

Ruffwear Dog Vest

Made to fit any dog breed, this functional dog vest comes in sizes ranging from double extra-small to extra-large. Its vest design only covers your dog’s back, chest, and underbelly for a more inclusive fit, so dog breeds with unique body shapes benefit. The vest is fleece-lined for warmth and has a waterproof and windproof outer shell so your dog can stay dry in the rain.

Songway Dog Flotation Vest

If your dog loves to swim but is quickly tired out by the paddling of their arms when swimming, this flotation vest is perfect for them. Made with high-quality diving clothing materials, this flotation vest is high-density and elastic for a broader range of movement for your dog. Its stylish shark fin design and unique portable handle make this vest useful and your dog even cuter.


If you’re afraid your dog might accidentally potty on a jumpsuit or if they don’t like clothes around their legs, but you still want them to keep warm during the cold wintertime, then dressing your dog up in a jacket might be helpful to you. Waterproof jackets and raincoats can also keep your dog dry during rainy weather, and windproof jackets can protect your dog from windburn.

Hurtta Dog Raincoat

This uniquely designed raincoat for dogs features two front leg covers to keep your dog’s fur coat clean from mud, and a hood to cover their ears and prevent ear infections from rain entering them. The entire jacket is adjustable to fit your dog no matter their breed, and the brand offers diverse sizes for all dogs. There is an opening for a leash to walk your dog.

Soly Teche Dog Winter Coat

If your dog is 20 pounds or under and you live in a cold climate, then this winter coat for dogs would be perfect for them. The jacket has a thick fleece lining and a windproof outer shell so your dog can stay warm throughout high-speed winds. It also has a fur-lined hood so you can cover your dog’s ears to prevent ear infections. The colors come in olive green and khaki.

Vecomfy Hooded Dog Jacket

Dog Jecket

This jacket has a warm fleece and cotton lining, making it the perfect activewear for your dog when the weather is cold. The jacket is hooded so you can cover your dog’s ears so they won’t get cold, and there is elastic on the arms and waist for more accurate insulation. A leash hole is in the neck of the jacket so you can walk your dog no matter how cold the weather is outside.


When you’re adventuring with your dog on a hike, you should always bring supplies like food and water in case they get thirsty or hungry, because long walks can be a lot to handle and they could get dehydrated. If you don’t have enough storage in your human-sized backpack and can’t be bothered to carry these supplies, you can let your dog carry them in their own little backpack.

OneTigris Dog Backpack

If your bulldog loves to go on hiking trips with you, then this durable and environmentally safe material-made backpack for dogs is perfect for them. The backpack is resistant to:

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Abrasion

In case your dog likes playing in rain or mud puddles. There is a 1.6-liter capacity so you can store food, water, and medical supplies in case of injury.

Ruffwear Dog Backpack

Coming in a range of sizes from extra-small to extra-large, this backpack is the best hiking or camping gear for dogs who love to be active in the outdoors. It has a stabilizing design so your dog can comfortably carry the bag’s contents. This backpack can fit everything you need during a hiking or camping trip using its zip-close pockets and external gear loops.

Outward Hound Dog Backpack

This saddleback-style backpack offers four compartments so your dog can carry everything they need during outings so you can move the heavier, more important stuff. The backpack has a handle on the back so you can grab your dog in case of dangerous situations. The sizes for this backpack come in a range from small to extra-large so that it will fit your dog no matter the breed.


There are a lot of reasons that shoes can be helpful to your active dogs. Shoes can prevent your dog from stepping on harmful objects like glass or thorns that could injure their paws. Shoes can also prevent your dog from burning their paws on hot pavement or freezing their paws on ice. Shoes on your dog can also provide a better grip on slippery surfaces.

Ruffwear Dog Hiking Boots

If the trails your dog loves to hike have thorny bushes and rugged terrain, then these hiking boots for dogs are perfect for them. The rubber outsole and mesh materials make for a breathable boot that can grip onto any surface, whether it’s wet from rain or dusty from dirt. For nighttime adventures, these hiking boots have a reflective trim so your dog can be seen.

Pro-Active Paws Double-Sided Dog Boots

If your dog has any neurological health conditions or injuries that cause their back feet to drag when running, you might be concerned that their skin and nails might get hurt. These double-sided dog boots provide leather paw pads on the top and bottom of the feet, and the boots are long to cover most of the hind legs for better protection.

Cozy Paws Dog Traction Booties

Most people bring their dogs outside to be active because their nails can scratch up wooden flooring, and their lack of traction can cause them to slip and knock over furniture. These traction booties for the inside can help your dog’s feet to grip onto the flooring without causing damage. They can also prevent your dog from licking ointment off of foot wounds.


Dressing up your dogs in clothes based on fun activities can not only give you both a cute experience but can also prevent your dog from sustaining any injuries, skin conditions, or health conditions when they’re active. Overall, pet clothes for active dogs can make your dog stylish and safe so you both can continue having fun together for years to come.

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