The 20 Best PJs For Dogs of All Sizes

Is there anything cuter than a dog in pajamas? While dog clothing is designed to keep them warm in spite of the cold, some articles of clothing, such as coats and jackets, are not suitable for all-day lounging indoors for your pup. Pajamas, on the other hand, can help keep your dog warm no matter what the weather is outside. 

Thank goodness for the internet, where you can find anything you need when you need it. Although, it’s hard to narrow down the options and to find the best overall PJ fit for your pup’s size. To better help, we have compiled the top twenty best PJs for dogs of all sizes, including the top five best all around!

Best PJs with a Range of Sizes

No matter what sized dog you have, you want to make sure they have the best options for their PJs. The following brands offer cute pajama options in all sizes. This is great, especially if you have more than one dog and you want to get them the same outfit or even different sizes during your puppy’s growth!

Ideally, you want an outfit that is breathable, retains warmth and does not prevent your dog from running around and having fun. It doesn’t hurt for the PJs to be super cute, though! As always, once you find a set you like, make sure you take measurements to ensure your pet gets the best fit. 

Fitwarm Embroidery Turtleneck Dog Pajamas

Fitwarm is one of the top brands when it comes to doggie comfort and style. Their embroidered turtleneck comes in all sizes to make sure you get the best fit for your best friend. The design may be basic, but the snuggly soft warmth is far from it. It’s the perfect PJ for any occasion during the colder months.

This turtle neck PJ set takes into account a dog’s needs first, prioritizing comfortable movement and warmth. There is a convenient cut away so that if your dog must do their business, they can! The design is a pullover and is further secured by elastics under the belly to ensure no matter if it’s time for play or snuggles, it will stay on!

Check out the Fitwarm Dog Pajamas Here

TONY HOBY Dog Pajamas

Looking for something breathable, light, and fashionable? Look no further than the TONY HOBY dog PJs. These PJs are made of 100% cotton and designed specifically to keep your baby warm during autumn and winter. All onesies are handmade to order and never have any additional loose threads that can catch and tear. 

The brand states their PJs are perfect for daily wear and even just for sleep. Your dog can jump, play, and go handle their needs outside easily, even when in their PJs! To make sure it’s secure, there is an elastic band in the PJs that loops under the belly. On top of all this, the brand’s patch logo is stitched on the onesie giving it a cute and recognizable flair. 

Get the Onesie Pajamas Here

kyeese Dog Pajamas

You want a dog clothing company to take the safety, security, and snugness of your pup seriously. KYEESE is the company that strives to keep improving in the field of dog clothing and provide their customers with cute but effective options for their dog’s needs. They are committed to this goal and providing your dog with a nice, neat outfit as well!

The great thing about the KYEESE dog pajamas is that they use lightweight material. This is so that you don’t have to put the PJs away when winter is over. The breathable material allows your dog to be able to use the PJs year-round, with less concern for overheating or exhaustion. You can ensure they stay warm on cold nights and happy in their clothes with this set!

Super cute and ready for you here

Fitwarm Fuzzy Velvet Thermal Pet Clothes for Dog Pajamas

It may sound like common sense, but we can establish that knits are cute and comfortable while the fleece is warm. Why not combine both into a cute but comfy outfit for your best friend? Fitwarm’s fuzzy velvet thermal pet clothes provide high caliber warmth and style to your pet’s PJ arsenal. You can rest easy knowing they are comfortable in snuggle time. 

This fabric stretches, allowing for a full range of motion as your pup plays. On top of that, its modern design can set your dog apart while on walks or at the park. For added security, along with a belly elastic, there are ribbed elastics around the leg holes, giving a secure fit to the PJ set while your dog runs around. 

Check them out here

PUPTECK Soft Polar Fleece Dog Pajamas 

The soft polar fleece is a thicker make of fleece fabric specifically designed to deal with colder weather and retaining warmth. PUPTEK has designed an adorable PJ set out of this fleece to ensure no matter how cold winter gets, your dog stays warm with the right sized PJs. Though thick, these pajamas do not restrict movement, allowing your dog to enjoy them to the fullest.

Another great thing PUPTEK reports is that their onesies can prevent the spread of doggie hairs. This means when your dog has their PJs on, you may expect less cleanup! While effective in keeping your dog warm during the winter, these fleece pajamas may also be used in other colder situations to ensure your pet is comfortable. 

Find your dog’s size here

Best PJs for Large Dogs

Large dogs mean more to love! While we love our big doggos, sometimes it can be difficult to find outfits to fit their bigger frames. Luckily, there are a bunch of dog pajamas online made for your larger pet. Some of the following companies even specialize in large dog breed clothing, meaning you always have someone to come back to for future purchases!

With large dog breeds, there are a lot of varying shapes and sizes. If you have any questions on how a particular set will fit your dog’s breed, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller. They can help you find the right size for your pup so they will get the best fit. Remember, good fit means good warmth retention!

LovinPet Pet Pajamas for Dogs

If you have a larger dog, you know how tricky it can be to find comfortable doggie clothes for them. LovinPet understands this and provides exclusively large dog clothing for your needs. Their designs are made to fit large dogs of any size and shape and have multiple uses aside from just keeping your dog warm. 

This brand also suggests using their dog pajamas as an alternative to the cone of shame and after surgeries to protect the surgical area from receiving attention from your dog. This way, they can heal and play naturally and comfortably without accidentally setting themselves back. What a great way to help your dog!

See the LovinPet Pet Pajamas here or visit their store to find your dogs’ look

iChoue Pet Dog Summer Pajamas

Want to add a touch of cuteness to your dog’s overall look? The iChoue dog pajamas are designed to fit on large and wide chested dogs. These particular pajamas sport an adorable strawberry design and are made up of baby soft fleece fabric. 

If you are concerned about ruining such a nice outfit, no worries, there are also fast dry versions of the PJs for quick washing and putting back on.

The vest-style design and lightweight material create a onesie meant for the year-round purpose. You don’t have to worry about overheating during hotter months and can ensure your dog stays warm during winter. The printed PJs are 100% cotton, stretchy, and have a secure elastic band strap along the tummy line. 

Check out the cute summer PJs

Tooth and Honey Pitbull Pajamas

One of the most misunderstood breeds of dogs is the Pitbull and other bully breeds. Tooth and Honey’s mission is to stop the stereotyping of these loveable dogs and to create quality clothes that are functional and adorable. Their dog pajamas are made with the pitbull in mind, and each purchase helps them donate to local shelters in need of help with their Pitbulls. 

While created for pits, these are larger PJs that may also fit your large-sized dogs. Cozy and soft, Tooth and Honey claim that ideally, these onesies can be used for everything from retaining warmth to even reducing anxiety and preventing shedding. The soft material allows your dog to relax and feel at ease in your home. 

See these cute PJs for your pooch here

CuteBone Dog Pajamas Yellow Ducks

Minky material is suitable for baby blankets and soft, cuddleable plushies. One of the reasons many people choose minky fabrics is because the softness makes them feel relaxed and at ease. CuteBone Dog Pajamas are made of this same relaxing fabric to give your dog the ability to relax in their brand new clothes.

While available in many prints and styles, the classic yellow duck print is by far one of the cutest things you will see your pet in. They prevent the spread of dander and hair, keeping your furniture clean as you and your best bud get quality cuddles on the sofa. Best of all, these are machine washable with air-dry afterward, making for easy cleanup. 

Take a look here

TONY HOBY Pet Clothes for Dog Pajamas with Cute Black Flower

Want something that will help capture your dog’s personality? The Black Flower TONY HOBY dog pajamas are perfect for any occasion, from bedtime to a get-together. Black is a classic clean color that won’t show stains easily and allows your dog to wear their PJs any time you want. 

This outfit is ideally used in an indoor environment where there is air-conditioning. However, the material is stretchable. This means that if your dog must go outside, they can do it without any issues over movement.  

See the black floral design here

Best PJs for Medium Dogs

Medium-sized dogs have the best and worst of both worlds when it comes to dog clothes. While they do have some selection available in local shops, for the most part, it is slim pickings and usually only a few styles available. Your medium-sized dog is more than just a larger-sized small dog! They deserve the choice.

The following are some of the top choices for medium-sized dogs that you can get online! These different pajamas can help you get the style you are looking for for your pet shipped directly to your doorstep. All of these are snuggly soft and ensure your dog is warm when the air is chilly. Best of all, these jammies can be used on any occasion!

Fitwarm Soft Cotton Adorable Monkey Dog Pajamas

Does your dog have sensitive skin? Dogs and humans both can suffer from skin irritation and problems when it comes to allergies. Sometimes, even clothing materials can cause irritation! Fitwarm can help your dog be comfortable without the worry of skin issues with their soft cotton adorable monkey pajamas.

Without worries over skin irritation, your dog can relax comfortably all day long in their new PJs and not feel scratchy. Want to take your dog out in his new outfit? The playful print allows you to always be able to identify your dog and help them stand out when in public. Fitwarm offers more prints for you to choose from, but the adorable monkey is one of the top choices.  

Check it out here

Klippo Silly Monkey Fleece Turtleneck Pajamas

Klippo’s turtleneck pajamas are fleece, providing quality warmth with a bit of adjustable style. That’s right. The outfit is a turtleneck, so just like a turtleneck, you can take the turtleneck down or up to let it sit best on your dog. This outfit also comes with some additional features that are not common with many medium-sized dog outfits. 

The first key feature is a functioning pocket on the back of your dog’s PJs. This way, you can store potty bags if you are attending the park. Next is the addition of a D-ring on the front of the PJs. Here, you can clip your dog’s ID tag, allowing them to be identifiable while you are out in case they get away from you. 

View this adorable set here

TONY HOBY Pet Clothes for Dog Pajamas with Colorful Rainbow

TONY HOBY hits it out of the park again for medium-sized dogs. This colorful rainbow outfit is simple, classic, and comfortable. Your dog’s look can shine as bright as his personality as he struts around in his rainbow jammies in the home, backyard, or in public. Of course, the fabric is stretchable and allows for easy movement so your dog can rest comfortably.

This brand is setting out to help you bring out your pup’s personality easily through their clothing while also maintaining their warmth. Their colorful rainbow outfit will spark joy for you and your dog as you adventure and snuggle after long days. Best of all, the cotton material remains breathable and soft on the skin. 

Style your dog in TONY HOBY today 

CuteBone Dinosaur Dog Pajamas

Dinosaurs? Yes, please! CuteBone’s dinosaur pajamas are just what the doctor ordered for your medium-sized pup. The main color is white with print dinosaurs in a variety of colors all across the body of the dog PJs. This allows them to pop against the white and make a statement. While more in the look of classic PJs, these are suitable for any occasion.

Easy to put on, easy to remove, and finally, easy to wash. The CuteBone pajamas are designed to be simple to use for owners and dogs alike. Slip it on your dog and go on a walk! When done, simply remove and throw in the wash. Turn your pet’s PJs into their next favorite thing to put on with quality fashion from CuteBone. 

Release your dog’s inner “Rawr” here

Warm and Cozy Red Plaid Dog Pajamas

Plaid is a classic look when it comes to any clothing, human or dog. With plaid, one can almost never go wrong. Give your dog a fashionable pajama set that they will be able to wear no matter what year or season it is with these cute red plaid dog pajamas. Made of flannel, it’s like wrapping your dog in a big hug.

Even though it is flannel, the material remains stretchy to allow for movement while retaining warmth. The material itself is thick enough to keep a dog warm but not to overheat them. A material like flannel means whether it’s cold inside or outside, your dog will be prepared. Finally, every part of these pajamas is made with durability in mind to give your dog PJs that will last. 

Check it out here

Best PJs for Small Dogs

There is nothing cuter than a puppy or small dog in pajamas! While local shops tend to carry a lot of small dog apparel, sometimes you just want something different. These dog PJs are the top choices online for small dogs. They don’t just pack cuteness but also ensure breathability of the cloth and mobility for your dog!

With small dogs, especially if they have short hair, warmth retention can make all the difference for them on cold nights. You also may want your dog’s PJs to help with shedding issues. These brands keep these in mind and also work towards giving your small pup a set of PJs that will wrap them in relaxation and ease anxiety. 

CuteBone Dog Pajamas Jellyfish

CuteBone’s small dog PJs line is suitable for puppies and small dogs alike. Their adorable prints of jellyfish have a fun underwater theme for your dog’s sleep attire. As always, the CuteBone line focuses on a soft cloth to help your dog rest easy after a long day of playing and simply melt into their jammies. 

This PJ set is especially good for puppies as they may need additional warmth during the night. On top of that, the tummy cut away to allow your dog to do their business means you can keep them bundled up even while working on potty training. Make sure to get proper measurements to get the best fit for your dog!

Take a look

Wolspaw Dog Jumpsuit Striped 100% Cotton Pajamas

While not as prominent as brands like CuteBone and Fitwarm, Wolspaw offers simple, cute dog pajamas to help keep your pet from feeling nighttime chills. Their striped cotton pajamas are suitable for anything from lounging around the house to even special occasions. The striped black and white design means your dog will always be fashionable.

The pullover design and ribbed elastics allow for easy put-on and secure fitting once your dog is running around and having fun. When it’s time to change outfits, simply pull the PJs off and toss them in the wash for fast, quick cleaning. 

Get these adorable PJs here

BonDogLand Dog PJS Clothes for Small Dogs

This manufacturer is a registered designer for pet clothes, which means you get only the best for your little dog. The BonDogLand line of pet PJs is professional in design and created to give your pet timeless looks for any occasion. Your dog can enjoy their PJs twenty-four seven and remain active while snuggly warm.

This set is made of 100% cotton and resembles pleated T-shirt material that one might see in a store for themselves. Because it is also lightweight, you don’t have to worry about your dog overheating in their PJs and can use these all year round for added comfort. Get your pet a stylish set of PJs that will suit them best. 

Check it out here

kyeese Dog Lemon Pajamas

When life gives you lemons, get your dog cute pajamas! The KYEESE brand lemon pajamas take your dog’s needs to a whole new level. The fabric is ultra-soft and breathable, as noted by the dotted design inlaid in the material. This allows your dog to remain in their PJs all day if they want to, and they won’t get too hot.

When it’s time to clean them, your dog’s pajamas are easily machine washable, allowing you to toss, wash and dry without any extra issues. Finally, the lemon print design is very cute, giving your dog a look like they are wrapped up in their favorite jammies as they snuggle in their bed. Envelop your pup in comfort with this cute PJ set.

View the lemony PJs here

TONY HOBY Sleeveless PJs

Looking for a standard PJ set without any bells and whistles? TONY HOBY offers a simple dog vest pajama design to allow you to wrap your pet up before it is bedtime. Unlike other TONY HOBY PJs, this set does not have an open tummy area, limiting its use to bedtime and cuddle time only. 

While its design does restrict its usability, the green apple dot design is very cute, and it is effective in keeping your pet warm during the night. The snaps on the back ensure that your dog is secured within their new jammies and ready to nap. The lack of sleeves also ensures mobility, so if playtime is on the roster, your dog will have no problems!

Get this lightweight pajama set for your pup

Choosing the Right Jammies for Your Pup

With so many great designs available for dogs of all sizes, you are spoiled for choice for your dogs’ PJs. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your choices even more, so you can know exactly which ones to choose, or even order a couple of options.

Measure for Fit

It is important, however, to make sure you measure your dog before placing your order. Without the proper measurements, the PJs may not fit correctly and be ineffective at retaining the warmth you want your dog to feel.

Never hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer to ask any questions. While some of them can help you find the best size from measurements, others may actually provide custom order options. This is ideal to ensure your dog’s PJs fit from day one. The manufacturer can also answer any questions that you may have about the material and quality. 

Let Your Doggie Get Used to the New Jammies

If your doggie doesn’t love his or her jammies right away, you might want to try a few different sizes on, just like we do as humans. It’s also a good idea to try different styles. Some pups with barrel chests might be better suited for one style, while those with fluffier tummies might need a different option. 

While these are just the best dog PJs available for dogs of all sizes, there is a whole world of dog apparel out there for you to explore. Remember, clothing is all about showing off your dog’s personality and style while keeping them comfy and snug. Once you find the right set of dog pajamas, you and your dog are sure to spend hours of cuddling on cold nights uninterrupted! 

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