The 11 Best Summer Booties for Dogs

Summertime is swiftly approaching, and you might be making plans to get outside with your canine companion. If so, remember that your dog’s feet can be just as vulnerable as yours to hot surfaces, sharp objects, and other hazards. Because of this, you’ll need to get them a pair of boots that’ll keep their feet well-ventilated and safe from injury.

How do you know which boots will work for your pup? There are so many on the market, and it’s not always clear which characteristics are beneficial and which are unnecessary. To speed up the shopping process and ease the headache of comparing endless products, see the list below for some of the most trusted dog booties available now.

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

These QUMY dog booties are ideal for dogs weighing between 18-88 lbs. Not only are they easy and comfortable to wear for your pup, but they’re a breeze to slip on. So, you don’t have to struggle with your pup to protect their feet. Instead, loosen the Velcro strap and open the wide split seam at the top of the shoe to glide them onto your dog’s food.

This seam also ensures a comfortable fit for your dog, as it can adapt to the pup’s foot’s width and shape. No matter where you’re walking, it’ll remain secure with every step. Plus, the boot helps enhance your dog’s safety when you’re out and about, too. It features two adjustable reflective straps that will shine brightly against any light on dimly lit evenings or dark nights.

For the bottom of the foot, QUMY included a skid-resistant rubber sole. The strong, water-resistant material will ensure that your dog’s feet are safe from scalding hot asphalt or concrete. (On a 77◦F day, asphalt can reach 125◦F, and with 86◦F air temperatures, it rises to 135◦!) Yet, these boots aren’t only functional but aesthetically pleasing, available in black, leopard, pink, and red styles. (Source: Washington State University)

Available for a very wide range of weights and sizes, from 18-88 lbsSome customers reported that the shoes tend to rotate around the dog’s foot during walks
Wide split seam makes it easy to slip the shoes onto your dog’s foot and conforms the foot’s shape and sizeDogs with narrow feet and ankles may not benefit as much as others, as the boots slip off or move around more easily
Rubber anti-slip sole keeps feet secure and protects from hot pavementThe top of the boot stops quite low on the dog’s foot
Has 2 reflective straps for maximum visibility in low-light conditions
Made from water-resistant materials to keep dry on wet days

QUMY Rugged, Non-Slip Dog Boots

Like the style above, these QUMY boots are suited for a wide range of dogs, ranging from 18-88 lbs. They can adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions, thanks to the high-quality materials. Still, keep in mind that, although the boots are waterproof, it’s best to steer clear of deep water and sand. (In other words, these aren’t meant for the beach.) Why?

The large amount of water or fine sand particles will get lodged in the sewing needle holes, potentially damaging the material and compromising the boot’s longevity. Despite this weakness, QUMY still maintains excellence in the overall design. The boots feature a robust and skid-resistant sole that keeps your dog’s footing sturdy, no matter where you’re walking.

These materials also help prevent the boots from falling off while in use, indoors or outdoors. This is achieved in combination with the anti-slip pig leather mats inside the shoes, making the material “anti-shed,” too (the boot won’t slip off even if you’re dog is shedding). Plus, the breathable fabric will ensure that your dog’s paws don’t get too stuffy when they’re all wrapped up.

Breathable material helps keep the paws comfortable during useCannot be worn at the beach, as the water and sand particles will destroy the sewing needle holes
Features interior pig leather anti-shedding mats to prevent the boot from slipping off the footEven with the Velcro straps, some customers’ dogs learned to remove them rather quickly
Skid-resistant rubber on the bottom of the boot helps keep your dog upright and sturdyNot available for small breeds
Includes reflective straps for maximum visibility
Wide split seam makes the boots easy to put on and adjusts to your dog’s foot size and shape

XSY&G Rugged, Anti-Slip Outdoor Dog Shoes

These XSY&G booties are available for a broader range of dog breeds than the previously listed footwear. Small dogs weighing a mere 14 lbs all the way up to the massive 95 lbs pups can enjoy the benefits of these XSY&G boots. These boots are easy on the paws, helping prevent any discomfort from the materials while protecting the paw pad from hot pavement or abrasive surfaces.

The fabrics are of high quality and resistant to several causes of wear and degradation. Your pup can get rowdy and dirty, and they’ll stay on those paws without a problem. The material is also breathable, preventing instances of overheating on throughout the warm summer days. After a day out on walks, at the beach, or hiking on the trail, you can toss them in the washing machine for easy maintenance.

You can slip these boots onto your dog’s feet whether you’re indoors or out. The anti-slip soles ensure the pup’s stability on a wide range of surfaces, from hard, slippery tile to shifty sand. Two adjustable straps hold the boot tightly on the dog’s feet. Just make sure not to get the footwear too deep into water or sand, or their structural integrity and functionality will degrade.

The material is breathable, keeping your dog’s feet comfortable and cool during useStraps are not reflective
Available for a wide range of breeds and sizes, from 14-95 lbsOnly lasts about six months with daily use
Washing-machine compatible, enabling easy maintenanceThese shoes would only be useful during the summer, as they’re quite short and stop low on the dog’s foot
Anti-slip soles help mobility and stability on numerous surface types
Useful for a wide range of indoor and outdoor, wet and dry conditions

EXPAWLORER Reflective Dog Booties

These EXPAWLORER booties are some of the most versatile dog booties on the market. They are available for various dog breeds and sizes, reaching up to 88 lbs maximum. Whether you have a spunky little Highland Terrier or a massive Bernese Mountain Dog, you won’t be left out of the EXPAWLORER dog booties benefits.

Each boot is made of the highest quality materials, ensuring the dog’s stability while in use and paw protection. It features reflective material to maximize visibility in low-light conditions, keeping your dog safe from vehicles or other hazards. Plus, the skid-resistant soles will further support your dog’s safety, keeping it upright whether it’s running, walking, or jumping.

The boots are also waterproof, ensuring defense against rainy days or nuisance puddles you might not see in advance on your walks. There is a grooved sole and flexible lug design to keep your pup comfortable while it wears the booties and ensures that the boots stay on as snugly as possible. When you’re ready to slip them off, use the expandable hook and loop fasteners and toss them in the washer.

Expandable hook and loop fasteners make it easy to take the booties on and offCustomers report that these boots wear very quickly
Ergonomic fit, thanks to the lug design and grooved solesSkinny dogs like greyhounds will have problems with the boots slipping off or rotating during use
The material is waterproof Material is not very breathable, so dog’s feet may chafe
Includes reflective lines on the straps to maximize visibility 
Skid-resistant soles keep your dog stable and safe during wear

Bark Brite All-Weather Paw Protector Dog Boots

These Bark Brite shoes are quite unique for dog booties, given the neoprene material. Neoprene is one of the best materials to have for dog (and human) sports- and footwear, as it is incredibly lightweight and highly resistant to wear from water, oils, and solvents. It’s much stronger than natural rubber, which is the primary material in many dog booties’ soles. (Source:

Bark Brite designed these boots to conform naturally to your dog’s paw shape without restricting their movement. This is paired with the rubber sole, which supports the dog’s stability by improving traction on several types of surfaces. The material is water- and puncture-resistant, so you can rest assured that your pup’s foot will be protected, no matter where you’re walking.

Bark Brite promises that these neoprene boots will defend your dog’s paws from many different types of hazards, whether you’re out for a typical walk, hiking, hunting, swimming, or other outdoor activities. There are two elastic reflective straps with 360◦ visibility, maximizing visibility no matter where you are. To ensure a tight fit, adjust the straps and take advantage of the 3.5″ slit in the back of the booties.

Neoprene material is very lightweight and more durable than natural rubberThe breathability could use some improvement, as some customer’s dog’s sweat accumulated and stayed inside the boots
Includes a new and improved durable, treaded rubber soleNot great for helping dogs’ mobility on hardwood surfaces
Breathable material and light inner lining is great for all weather conditions, keeping your dog’s paws from chafingSome owners report fast wearing, specifically as holes develop within the first few weeks of wearing the booties
Elastic reflective straps have 360◦ visibility
3.5” slit in the back of the booties makes it easy to take the boots on and off

Ruffwear Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots

Ruffwear has long been one of the most trusted suppliers of dog sportswear for several years. Their aim is to get your canine companion out on the trail with you, enjoying the wonders of the outdoors as safely and comfortably as possible. That goal shines through in these booties, which have been expertly crafted to support dogs’ paws’ protection against various environmental factors.

These “trail-ready” boots are ideal for all sorts of outdoor adventures, including backpacking, trail running, mountain biking, and more. There is a rugged Vibram non-marking outsole that features a lug design, ensuring maximum traction and flexibility. This helps your pup to keep its footing on any trail that comes your way.

The booties feature a wide opening that eases the process of slipping the boots on and off the pup’s feet. To secure the footwear, fasten the hook-and-loop cinch system before heading out on the trail. Even if you’re venturing out into low-light conditions, rest assured that you’ll maintain your dog’s safety, thanks to the booties’ reflective trim.

These boots are highly durable, able to protect your dog’s feet from hazards in outdoor activities like hiking and trail runningThere’s no padding or lining inside the shoe, so your dog will inevitably become uncomfortable without paw balm or socks
Vibram non-marking outsoles feature lug design to maximize traction and flexibilityDogs with dewclaws, such as shepherds, will either need socks or to have the boots modified
Breathable mesh enhances ventilation, preventing sweat from lingering in the shoeThe sizes run large, so make sure to account for that, or the boots will slip off much more easily than they should
The extra-wide opening with the hook-and-loop cinch closure makes it easy to slip the boots on and off and keeps them snug
Reflective trim maximizes visibility in low-light conditions

Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Dog Boots

Not all dogs will be up for an outdoor adventure during the summer. Some pups simply need a pair of boots that will protect their feet from the hot ground when they’re out for their daily walk around the neighborhood. Ruffwear recognized the need to protect these dogs’ feet, too, leading to the introduction of this everyday boot.

Although these are designed for all weather conditions, Ruffwear specifically designed these booties to support dogs’ comfort and safety in “urban conditions,” defending against hot pavement, chemicals from snowmelt runoff, and abrasive surfaces. The weather-resistant upper ensures shielding against moisture and debris, all while keeping your pup comfortable through each walk.

The rubber outsole provides your dog with maximum traction, allowing them maximum stability, whether they’re merely crossing the street with you or a natural walking path. Make sure to use the hook-and-loop cinch closure system to keep the boots snug on your pup’s feet as they trek across the pavement, gravel, and other city surfaces.

Great for protecting the paws from abrasive urban surfaces like pavement, gravel roads, and moreThese do not stay on very well, as many customers reported that the boots just “pop” or slip off as the dog walks around
The weather-resistant material is perfect for minimizing the effects of heat on the pawsThe boots shift and rotate during wear
Non-marking rubber outsole provides optimal traction and flexibilityLots of people had trouble with sizing; many reported that they run too small
Features a weather-resistant upper that repels moisture, dirt, and debris
The hook-and-loop cinch closure system helps the boots to remain on the dog’s feet

Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Dog Boots

These Canine Equipment boots are guaranteed to keep your pup’s paws safe from various environmental issues, including sharp rocks, broken twigs, hot pavement, and more. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll around town or hiking down a natural trail, you can trust these boots to keep your dog’s feet safe and secure.

They feature a recycled rubber sole, which not only improves traction as your dog moves across the ground but helps shrink your environmental footprint simultaneously. This is perfect for owners pursuing a “green” lifestyle and dogs that struggle with mobility issues.

Most people find that there is a notable size difference between their dog’s front and back feet (the hind feet are typically larger). Canine Equipment kept this in mind and designed the boots to match this trait, ensuring an optimal fit for all four paws. When you’re done with the shoes at the end of the day, toss them into the complementary garment bag for easy machine washing.

All-terrain boots, suitable for walking around the neighborhood or in natural settingsThese are relatively expensive compared to other boots of similar quality
Materials are breathable, reducing the effects of sweat buildup in the bootHind boots tend to be less secure than the front and can twist off occasionally 
Water-resistant shell protects your dog’s foot from excess moistureNot great for running on asphalt or concrete; this activity puts a bit too much wear on the boots and leads to injured paws
Front and back boots are sized different for maximum comfort for all four paws
Comes with a complimentary garment bag to protect shoes’ structural integrity during machine washing

QUMY Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

QUMY is one of the most widely trusted brands for dog activewear. Their expertise extends to the production of boots for the summertime, with enhanced protection from scorching pavement and the abrasive surfaces you might encounter in the city and in natural settings.

To maximize your dog’s comfort during use, QUMY included a breathable mesh fabric that ventilates the foot and helps keep your dog comfortable throughout the day. This also expels debris and dirt, ensuring that no harmful materials will puncture or otherwise injure your dog’s foot by incidentally working their way into the boot.

The expanding split seam makes it very easy to slip the shoes on and off, easing the process of getting your dog ready for a day out. Make it snug with the adjustable, reflective straps and enjoy the benefit of maximum visibility at nighttime. Plus, you’ll rarely have to worry about your pup slipping and falling, thanks to the anti-slip sole that defends against sharp objects and hot pavement but enhances traction.

Tightly-woven breathable mesh keeps your dog’s feet cool and dry while excluding dirt and debrisThese run large, so it’s best to underestimate your dog’s shoe size by one size
Expanding wide split seam makes the putting the boots on and taking them off extremely easyThe shoes tend to rotate quite a bit, so the sole often ends up on top of the foot for some pups
Two adjustable reflective straps ensure a snug fit and maximal visibility in low lightThe boots are relatively tall so it may interfere with your dog’s ability to bend their foot normally
Anti-slip sole provides traction and protection from sharp objects and hot pavement
High-quality fabrics are soft and lightweight, providing a comfortable experience for your dog

Dimicoo Breathable Mesh, Non-Slip Dog Boots

By now, you recognize the importance of breathability in your dog’s boots. Although most people assume that dogs don’t sweat because of their panting behavior, this belief is not entirely true. As mentioned many times previously, dogs often sweat on their paws, especially while they’re active. It’s their body’s natural mechanism for improving their grip to run and flee. (Source: National Library of Medicine)

However, this sweating behavior is not always as beneficial as it once was, and can lead to problems with traction or be a sign of bacteria buildup. This is why Dimicoo included their dual mesh in this boot’s design, which not only guarantees breathability but elasticity, too. Ultimately, it prevents your dog’s feet from over sweating in response to excess heat. (Source: Delaware Animal Clinic)

The wavy rubber sole is also highly advantageous, offering a slip-resistant bottom to increase traction with the ground below. The reflective stripes further enhance your dog’s safety during use. Plus, they’re adjustable to ensure a tight fit, keeping the boots in position no matter where you may be trekking.

Dual mesh breathable fabric supports ventilation, improving comfort and protecting against bacterial buildupSome customers found that these boots are difficult to fasten securely
The dual mesh fabric is elastic, too, improving the boots’ fitMany people reported that the boots slip and rotate around the foot
The rubber sole features a wavy design, improving traction and providing a comfortable walking surfaceThese are not very durable, with some customers reporting wear and damage within the first week of use
One of the elastic straps is adjustable, so you can get a snug fit on your dog’s foot
These are very easy to slip on and off your dog’s foot

Hcpet Breathable Pet Booties

These Hcpet boots are excellent for protecting your pup’s feet from the harsh summer environment. They feature waterproof, four-sided stretch material that is guaranteed to keep your pup’s feet comfortable all throughout the day. These will conform to your dog’s paws’ size and shape while providing excellent protection against moisture and debris.

The rugged rubber sole works in tandem with the high-quality fabric to cozily envelope your dog’s foot while providing maximum traction and stability. Whether you’re walking on hard tile, gravelly roads, or hot asphalt, rest assured that your pup’s feet will remain comfortable and safe all the while. The 3M reflective strip further supports their security in low-light conditions as well.

Thanks to the large slit and two adjustable Velcro straps, these boots are easy to put on and take off your dog. Adjust the straps as needed to ensure a proper fit; otherwise, you may compromise the boots’ ability to keep your dog’s paws secure. (Keep in mind that, with specific colors, you may need to choose the “breathable” vs “reflective” design. Some boots may not have both advantages.)

The waterproof four-sided stretch material keeps out excess moisture while providing a comfortable fit for all four pawsBecause the boots are quite short, your dog’s feet might get wet if it happens to splash in a puddle
Features a reflective strip for optimal safety in low-light conditionsThis boot falls off quite a lot, even when strapped tightly
Non-slip rubber soles ensure maximum stability on a wide variety of surfacesThe Velcro stitching is not very strong, and the fasteners may come apart fairly soon
The large slit and adjustable straps make the boots quite easy to take on and off
Anti-skid soles protect your dog from slipping and falling while also preventing wounds and damage from sharp objects and hot pavement

In Conclusion

Getting a pair of reliable booties for your dog during the summer is critical for preventing paw damage and injuries. Even if you’re not planning on venturing out on a hiking adventure during this time, boots are still essential to your dog’s wellbeing, as pavement can heat up well past 120◦F as things heat up.

It’s unfair to subject your dog to walking outside without paw protection, so you’ll need to do your research to ensure their safety. Some of the primary traits to look for in summertime dog booties are breathability, elasticity, and protective, anti-slip soles. This way, you can reduce the effects of sweating on the paw pads and defend against sharp rocks, sticks, and hot pavement.

All the boots discussed above meet these qualifications in one way or another. Some even ease the burden for you regarding putting them on or off and washing the footwear. It’s best to get a pair that can be worn throughout the year, but buying booties specialized for the summer is a great idea, too.

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