Why Cockapoos Need Winter Coats: Plus Six Coat Reviews

One of the cutest and most popular hybrid breeds of dog around is the cockapoo. The cockapoo is crossed between a cocker spaniel and poodle. They are small, cute, and it is hard to find someone who does not love their adorable faces. His size is perfect for families but plenty big enough to play with other dogs. But he may suffer in the winter.

Usually, a cockapoo’s hair is long and wiry with a sparse undercoat. Snow and ice can cling to the cockapoos hair making the animal uncomfortable after a short amount of time outside. If you want to have your cockapoo enjoy winter as much as other months, throw a winter coat on him and get outside.

There are plenty of characteristics of cockapoos that owners enjoy, including their coats.  But, their sometimes long, thin hair can be problematic during the winter months when they collect snow and ice. Keep reading to learn more about the cockapoo, and check out the cockapoo winter coat suggestions at the end to ensure your dog is warm. 

Cockapoos Need Winter Coats

Cockapoos need winter coats because of the characteristics of their coats. Their type comes from their breeding, breeders crossed the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle to make this popular breed. The hair of each species forms on the Cockapoo, a long stringy coat, but it offers little warmth because of the lack of an undercoat on the cockapoo.

Their long hair, which comes in a variety of looks depending on the dog, can easily collect water, snow, or ice. The cockapoo is a playful bread, so going on winter walks with one is not out of the question. However, once the cockapoo gets going it will soon start to collect all of the winter elements on its hair, possibly making the dog too cold.

The snow, ice and water will not just collect along the cockapoos belly, but also around his head, ears, and eyes. The cockapoos legs and paws will also attract the elements. Debris, such as tiny rocks or pebbles, as well as rock salt and other chemicals to prevent freezing can also wedge in between your cockapoos toes.

If the collected snow and ice remain on the cockapoo’s belly for too long he could develop hypothermia. Plus, owners want to keep off any chemicals used to treat roads or walkways from the cockapoo’s body. Thanks to the long, thin hair of the cockapoo and its desire to play, buying a winter coat for your cockapoo is recommended. 

Why Do Cockapoos Need Winter Coats? It is Genetics

Cockapoos need winter coats. Their thin, long hair demands it on those cold, wet and windy winter days. It has been established breeders made the cockapoo as a hybrid dog. The cockapoo’s genetic make-up gives it thin hair, and lack of an undercoat as well as the adventurous spirit of the cocker spaniel and poodle intelligence. 

As with any mixed breed, there are side-effects of a bad cross breeding. One article warns you could end up with a small barking dog that may like to snap at its owner or others while going to the bathroom on the floor. There is always a chance pet owners end up with a bad mix breed; this fear should not be for the cockapoo alone. 

The characteristics of the two breeds will give you a great pet. The cockapoo produces low amounts of dander and hair, thus making them a good pet for allergy sufferers. But, it means the cockapoo can easily get cold on those winter walks. Required daily brushing, will also thin an already thin undercoat making a winter coat a priority. 

Cockapoos love to run and play, especially in fields or in the snow. They were bred to companion dogs. This makes them great for family pets, so even the kids can walk the dog. But, children might not be able to keep the dog out of deep snow drifts, so it is best to equip the cockapoo with a good winter coat so he can play in the snow with the kids.  

Characteristics of Cockapoo Coats

Again, depending on their breeding, cockapoos can have a variety of coat types. Also, depending on your point of view, there may be a proper or improper type of coat the cockapoo can have. A proper coat will not shed during the seasons and will have a sparse undercoat. An improper coat sheds and has a thick undercoat. 

A point of distinction is needed. For now, the cockapoos coat refers to the dog’s actual hair, not a winter coat you put on him. Those coats will be reviewed shortly. There are three main characteristics in a cockapoos coat. Each characteristic has traits of their own, but for now, the characteristics are:

  • Furnishings: These are the hair traits around his head and mouth.
  • Coat Length: Depending on the furnishings, the length of the coat can change throughout the body of the cockapoo.
  • Amount of Curl: The curl falls into three other categories; wooly, fleecy, and satin.

In the Winter Cockapoo Coat Furnishings Collect Snow and Ice

It may not seem like it but the cockapoos har furnishings are an important reason why they collect the winter elements on their coats. Furnishing is the hair traits around the cockapoos head and mouth. Some can grow mustaches like long clumps of hair around their muzzle. Each mustache is different, but all can have snow entanglements.  

Cockapoos grow beards. Depending on the age of the cockapoo, the beard will start to fill in around its muzzle, with longer bushier hair. The beard can be groomed, along with the mustache, to any length, starting at an early age. Since, the hair will not provide extra warmth a short beard around the muzzle might keep away extra snow and ice. 

In those deep snow drifts any exposed portion will collect the winter elements. The fluffy eyebrows of the cockapoo are no exception. These can puff up, almost covering your pet’s eyes. Just like any grooming, the eyebrows can be trimmed to match the rest of the cockapoos face, while also keeping out snow and ice clumps.

Your cockapoo is going to collect snow and ice clumps in its fur. Whether he has a long beard, fluffy eyebrows or a short mustache. But, that does not mean the cockapoo has to be uncomfortable or go on short walks. Put the cockapoo in a winter coat to allow his body to stay warm and you will not have to worry about the furnishings on his face.

Cockapoos Coat Length 

All cockapoos, depending on your grooming practices, will have long coats. But where and how long will depend on their breeding; thus, the furnishing they have. The cockapoos who have furnishings will have long coats. Those with open faces will have long feathering throughout, except their faces, but will have a shorter coat in general. 

Because of coat length differences, it is important to understand how the coat length reacts in colder, wetter weather. Their small size, single coat, and varying length of hair make them susceptible to harm from frigid conditions. Cockapoos love to play and go on walks, but conditions can become dangerous if you or your pet are not prepared.

Snow and ice will easily cling to the cockapoo’s coat, ears, feet, and stomach. The snow will continue to collect, becoming entangled in the long wiry hair, eventually making your cockapoo look like a walking snowman with four legs. This is normal for this breed of dog, but it is important to watch for signs of danger when out with him on a walk. 

For dogs, hypothermia begins when their core body temperature hits 88 degrees Fahrenheit. In the right conditions this happens quickly, especially if they are exposed to frigid temperature or water, snow and ice. Keep the elements off of the cockapoo in order to stay outside longer. A good coat around the torso is a warm place to start. 

Curl in Your Cockapoos Hair Collects Winter Elements 

Just as above with coat furnishings, the amount of curl in the cockapoo’s hair influences what it collects while out for snowy walks. The curl falls into three categories; wooly, fleecy, and satin. Each type of curl can have a different texture that falls within a large range from wiry to silk. Either texture or type of curl will still collect winter elements. 

Wooly hair gives the cockapoo a tightly curled coat. The coat’s texture is wiry but not hard as some other breeds exhibit. While some owners say shorter hair is good because it is easier to spot mud, thorns, burrs, as well as snow and ice clumps, the winter element will be stuck closer to the cockapoos body. 

Fleecy coats are good petting coats as the hair is soft and not wiry like the wooly-haired cockapoos. The majority of the breed has fleecy coats, and some say gives the cockapoo a teddy bear face. The longer hair will attract more snow and ice tangle around its legs and face. Keep his torso protected with a winter coat. 

Satin coats are the rarest among cockapoos. Satin coats will shed more and will also give the appearance of losing more hair, but it is just that the hair does not get stuck when shedding. With either type of coat, the cockapoo’s hair is made for collecting snow and ice and the only real way to stop that is putting your cockapoo in a winter coat. 

Winter Health Concerns for Cockapoos

It is established cockapoos need winter coats when going in the elements. Thanks to its genetics the cockapoo does not have a lot of warm fur, nor a good undercoat. The cockapoo’s hair type and hair furnishings collect snow, ice and water. These are health concerns, besides hypothermia, for a cockapoo, if you do not put a coat on your dog. 

Rock salt, de-icing chemicals, and anit-freeze can all be potentially hazardous to any animal. Rock salt can easily attach to a cockapoo’s long hair, that is why if the cockapoo is not wearing a winter coat it is important to rub him down with a warm towel or warm water to loosen any particles or chemicals from the cockapoo’s fur.

If your cockapoo goes on a winter walk without a coat you need to be careful with him and he is handled back. Some owners suggest putting the cockapoo in a warm bath to melt all the snow and ice, or remove rock salad and de-icing chemicals. Make sure the bath is not too hot, his body and skin temperature will be low, thus more sensitive. 

One owner offered a good piece of advice if your cockapoo does wear a winter, as he should. Coats or fleeces may cause matting of the hair. These knots and tangles may be uncomfortable and attract more winter elements to collect in the hair. Remove the coat, and dry the cockapoo with a towel, looking for any places to groom.   

The Six Winter Coats Review for a Cockapoo

Neither you or your cockapoo want to be trapped inside all winter. The snow, sleet, ice, or cold rain should not keep you and your pet away from fun, energetic snow walks. But, the cockapoo, because of its type of hair, is susceptible to snow and ice gathering on its coat. Clumps of snow can soon turn into a dangerous situation for your pet.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a coat, material, not hair, for your cockapoo. You want to make sure the material is warm; wool and fleece are popular choices. Make sure it covers the belly of your cockapoo; this is where snow can easily collect. Also, ensure the material is waterproof and washable.

Kuoser Cold Weather Dog Coat

The Kuoser Cold Weather Dog Coat is a great fit for any dog, literally. One of the attractive qualities about the Kuoser Cold Weather Dog Coat is that it comes in seven different sizes. Depending on the size of your cockapoo, the variety in sizes is a useful option. The manufacturers suggest if your dog is between sizes, you get the larger size.

Another appealing feature of the coat is the material; it is reflective. When out on those night walks, you want to make sure you and your pet are visible to cars. The piping on the neck and back are reflective. When walking under street lights or being passed by cars, you should be visible thanks to the reflective material.

The outer layer of the coat is made out of 100% cotton canvas. But the inner layer is snow and windproof and is made from fleece, ensuring that your cockapoo stays nice and warm. The coat wraps around the dog’s belly, making sure to keep ice and snow off the delicate parts of your dog. 

According to a number of users, the coat is easy to put on your cockapoo. Lay the coat flat, and you should see where the head of your dog goes through the coat. The wide side wraps under the belly, secured by velcro straps. There is also padding in between any zippers on the coat and your cockapoo’s skin. At around $26, it is an affordable price.

The Dociote Dog Winter Jacket 

The Dociote Dog Winter Jacket is a good price at around $18. But that does not mean the jacket is not a good fit for your dog. This one provides a lot of versatility for your cockapoo, whether you like to take him on long walks, on hunting trips, or trail runs. No matter your hobby, your cockapoo will be nice and cozy for the entire time you are out.

The versatility comes from the stylish design of the jacket. The outer fabric is waterproof and windproof, while underneath, your best friend will be kept warm by the fleece lining. There is also a reflective stripe on the sides, ensuring safety at night. Though not on top, the reflective stripes still provide enough coverage on your pet for optimal safety.

Using an adjustable strap, the coat is easy to put on and off. The adjustable strap allows your dog to grow into the coat. Make sure to measure your dog at the widest part of his chest and the widest part of his lower neck to ensure a proper fit. Hooks on the chest and neck allow for a comfortable wear for your dog when he is suited up for his walk.

There are two holes at the top of the jacket, one for a leash or for a halter. Reviewers like the three velcro attachments for an easy fit, one around the neck and two around the chest. The reviews also like the overall sturdiness of the jacket. It will last a long time without becoming worn in the washing machine or on your toughest hikes. 

Kurgo Dog Jacket 

The Kurgo Dog Jacket has a great feature. It is reversible. This allows multiple uses without washes, and it helps keep your dog comfortable on those slightly warmer days, but just right on the cold walks. At $36, it is a great two-for-one coat that gets great reviews, especially for the more active human and dog partners. 

However, if you are not one of the more active walkers, this jacket might not be for you. The material is made from ripstop nylon; the material is not as warm as fleece or wool. Both sides of the jacker are reflective, keeping you safe on those night walks or runs. They are also waterproof and come with an athletic fit. Get out there with this one.

A zipper opening allows your dog a comfortable harness underneath his jacket. This allows you to take your dog on a more adventurous walk or hike with the support of his harness. It comes in a variety of sizes, almost guaranteed to fit your cockapoo. It is also machine washable, making it easy to clean after an outdoor adventure.

Reviewers loved the waterproof feature of this jacket. They say it kept all the covered parts dry and warm. The lightweight feature is nice, especially for cockapoo owners in warmer climates. Plus, the easy-on, easy off quality of the single velcro strap and single zipper is appealing to those trying to get in a quick walk. 

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Coming in a variety of sizes, sure to fit your cockapoo, the Zack and Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat is a great addition to your outside accessories. Coming in at just under $21, it is an affordable, warm coat. It is durable and also machine washable. Your cockapoo will surely enjoy the soft inside of this coat. 

While not advertised as such, the coat is also a reversible dog coat. On the outside is a water-resistant shell, good for those wet or rainy outdoor adventures. Under the water-resistant shell is a fleece layer making sure your cockapoo stays warm. The coat is easily reversible for the cold but dry walks. It features a reflective stripe on the back. 

To ensure proper fitting, measure from the base of your cockapoo’s neck to his tail. If fitted properly, the dog blanket coat should cover the sides of your dog. A good fit will ensure that the coat is not too tight around the belly or neck. Plus, this jacket does cover the dog’s belly, which is especially important for cockapoos. 

Some reviewers wished the coat went a little higher on the neck of the dog. But, reviewers approve of the heavy-duty use of the dog blanket jacket. Thanks to its dual purposes, it works well in frigid climates or places where it does not get quite as cold in the winter. The velcro is also sturdy after several uses and outside time. 

Gooby Sports Dog Vest

Despite its name, the Gooby Sports Dog Vest gives your cockapoo a lot more protection than just a vest. The vest is fleece-lined on the inside, while the outside is water-resistant. Another nice feature is that the Gooby Sports Dog Vest is specifically designed for smaller dogs. At around $25, this should be a great fit for your cockapoo.

Since it is designed for smaller dogs, that means the back of your dog may be exposed. This is by design. As the manufacturer explains, this allows your dog to do his doggie business without risk of getting the vest doggie dirty. And, if there is an accident, the vest if machine washable. Plus, you can stick the dog vest in the dryer on low. 

With smaller dogs in mind, the Gooby Sports Dog Vest comes as a three-point strap vest. It has a hook and loop closure around the chest, giving your smaller dog comfort while in the vest. It has reflective lining on the sides, and it will not get soggy even in the hardest of rains. Your cockapoo will stay warm and dry, allowing him to enjoy his walk. 

Reviewers love the smaller-sized vest. Even a cockapoo pup could wear one. Reviewers also liked how there is plenty of room in the leg and the ease of putting it on. There is also a built-in harness which makes it easy to get your dog ready for a walk or out of once the fun is over. Even slightly bigger dogs have their sides covered.

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka

Priced at almost $47, the WeatherBeeta Comfitec Reflective Parka is a little more expensive than other dog coats. But its overall quality and comfort may make the price well worth it. The Parka is advertised as a midweight coat; thus, it might not be quite warm enough on those really cold days, but there are other attractive characteristics.

The outer shell is waterproof and breathable. Even on warm rainy days, your cockapoo can wear this, and he will be comfortable while out and not overheat. The coat provides full coverage to the chest and belly, giving your cockapoo protection underneath in snow. WeatherBeeta offers their coats in highly visible colors with reflective stripes.

The waterproof outside is backed by fleece on the inside. Plus, there is a leash opening giving your pet ultimate comfort while out. If your cockapoo is a little more adventurous than others, the parka is advertised as great for dogs who like to wander in tall brush or wade through water. The underbelly protection keeps your dog dry and comfortable.

Reviewers like the flexibility in size. Even with multiple-sized dogs, this coat fits big or small dogs. The waterproof shell is adept at keeping adventurous dogs dry, and the parka is an easy clean. Adjustable straps make the coat a cinch to put on, while the material is soft to the touch. The bright-colored jacket is easy to spot in the woods. 


By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of the cockapoo. Thanks to genetics, they are a cross between a poodle and cocker spaniel, they are small, energetic dogs with thin hair and no warm undercoat. Cockapoos enjoy a fun walk and playing outdoors especially in the snow and water.  

Their different hair types make them attractive and fun for owners, but also allow for winter elements like snow, ice and water to collect on the cockapoos coat. Over time, these elements, and those chemicals that are used for de-icing, can be harmful to the cockapoo.  

A simple winter coat to place over the cockapoos torso is a great way to reduce the risk of dangerous winter conditions. The Six Winter Coat Review should give you a good idea of where to start when dressing up your cockapoo for a fun, outdoor adventure in winter. A coat will ensure a great time will be had by all, especially the cockapoo. 

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