Do Sphynx Cats Need Clothes? What You Need to Know

If you have a cat, you probably treat them like part of the family. And when it comes to owning a Sphynx cat, you know they don’t have the fur that other cats do. Because of that, you may wonder if you should get clothes for your cat.

Sphynx cats may need clothes to be more comfortable and warmer. The cats can wear a sweater or shirt, but warm blankets, like fleece, can also provide the cat with somewhere to lay when they get cold. But Sphynx cats can also overheat in the sun, so they may get too hot in clothes.

Whether you have a Sphynx cat or are considering getting one, you should get the right accessories for your pet. That way, they can be comfortable in your home. Keep reading to learn if your Sphynx cat needs clothes.

When Sphynx Cats Need Clothes

While it can depend on the cat and your situation, some Sphynx cats can benefit from clothes. After all, they don’t have any fur to keep them warm, so clothes can fill that role. But a Sphynx cat may not always need to wear clothes.

The need for clothes can vary throughout the year and even between specific living situations. If you move, you should reevaluate your cat’s need for clothing. That way, you can keep your Sphynx cat comfortable.

Consider a few scenarios where you may want to put some clothes on your Sphynx cat. You can always take the clothes off your cat if the outfit doesn’t work out.

During Winter

cat During Winter

If you experience severe winters, your Sphynx cat may need clothes during the colder months. Think about how your clothing needs change throughout the winter. Perhaps you wear shorts and have bare feet during the summer.

But maybe by the time winter starts, you switch to pants, long sleeves, and socks. Odds are your cat probably feels a bit colder as well. Even if they do fine without clothes in the summer, you may want them to bundle up during the winter.

Now, if you have mild winters, your Sphynx cat may not need a ton of clothes. But having a few outfits can help if temperatures drop below normal. Then, you can keep your Sphynx cat warm while letting them move around the home.

With the Air Conditioning

While the summer may not necessitate clothes for your cat, using the air conditioning could be a different story. If you put your air conditioner on full blast, it could feel just as cold in the summer as it does in the winter.

In that case, you may want to dress your cat in clothes to keep them from feeling too cold. Your cat may also need clothes in the summer if you have fans in different rooms. If your cat wants to roam the house, they should feel comfortable, and clothes can help.

Of course, you can turn the air conditioning down. However, you may not want to sacrifice your comfort. Dressing your cat can be a good way to make both of you more comfortable.

In the Sun

Sphynx cats can also experience problems in the sun if they aren’t wearing clothes or some form of protection. Just like humans, hairless cats don’t have anything blocking the sun’s rays, so Sphynx cats can get skin cancer.

Here are a few ways to protect your cat from the sun:

  • Add UV film to your windows to keep harmful rays out
  • Use a pet-safe sunscreen for when your Sphynx cat goes outside
  • Avoid human sunscreens, which can harm your cat
  • Give your cat some clothes to cover up

Dressing your cat can be a great way to protect them from the sun. It’s especially important if your cat likes to go outside or if you have a lot of windows and sunlight.

Living in a Big Home

Regardless of the temperature or other environmental factors, you should also consider the size of your home. For example, if your home has high ceilings, it will take more energy to keep the inside warmer.

The heat will also rise, so your cat may remain cold when walking or lying on the floor. Even if you feel warm, your cat may not.

Having wood or tile floors can also be useless when trying to keep your Sphynx cat warm. If you have an open floor plan with colder floors, you should consider dressing your cat. That way, they can feel warm throughout the house.

How to Choose and Maintain Clothes for a Sphynx Cat

If you determine that your Sphynx cat needs clothes, you can get some good outfits. Then, you can keep your cat warm no matter where they like to go in your home.

Just like with people, you can find a lot of clothes for Sphynx cats. You can find shirts, sweaters, and even coats. Whether your cat needs a little warmth or more protection, you can find the right clothing for them.

But you have a few other considerations to make when getting clothes for your Sphynx cat.

Look for Breathable Fabrics

First, you should look for breathable fabrics so that your cat will feel comfortable rather than just warm in the clothes. Consider a few fabrics that can be a good choice for cat clothes.

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Wool

Your cat should be able to move normally when wearing the clothes. If a fabric is too restrictive, your cat may not feel comfortable. It may only stress your cat out to wear the clothing.

Even if you get a breathable fabric, make sure your cat is comfortable moving. That way, they can still make it to their food and water bowls as well as their litter box. If not, your cat may have an accident where they are in your home.

Choose Washable Clothes

cat's Washable Clothes

You should also consider if you need to follow any special directions to wash the clothes. Just like humans, Sphynx cats can have oil on their skin. When that oil builds up, it can make the clothes smell bad.

If you have to hand wash the clothes, you should prepare yourself for that. And if not, you can look for clothes you can put in the washing machine. That way, you can keep your cat clean even when they wear clothes.

When you wash your cat’s clothes, use a detergent without any dyes or scents. The scents and dyes can irritate your cat’s skin, so you should make their clothes as comfortable as possible.

Start Slow

You may also want to start with one or two outfits. While you should wash the clothes regularly, you don’t want to spend a ton of money if your cat won’t wear them. Some Sphynx cats love clothes, but others won’t take well to them.

Your cat may try to scratch or bite you when you put their clothes on. Even if they don’t lash out then, they may not move when they wear clothes.

If your cat hasn’t worn clothes before, give it a try with a couple of items. Here are a few things you can try first:

  • Sweater
  • Shirt
  • Boots, if your cat’s paws get cold

You can always add more clothing later if they like it. But if they don’t, you won’t waste a ton of money on clothing.

Grow Their Wardrobe

If your Sphynx cat does like clothes, you can get more outfits. Then, you won’t have to do laundry as often, but your cat can always have clean clothes.

You can also get different outfits for various seasons. If your cat needs a little something in the summer, you can get a lighter outfit. But you can get them a thicker coat for the winter.

If you just want to get one type of clothing for your cat, you can still get multiple options. Then, you won’t have to wash your cat’s clothes as much, but your Sphynx cat can still be comfortable.

When Sphynx Cats Don’t Need Clothes

While Sphynx cats may need clothes, some don’t. You should consider your situation and what your cat may need or want.

Even if your Sphynx cat sometimes needs clothes, they may not always. Knowing when to let your cat roam without clothes can help you keep them comfortable.

Consider a few situations where a Sphynx cat doesn’t need clothes. Then, you can leave the clothes in storage, or you can find a better alternative if your cat is a little cold.

During Summer

During Summer

If you have warm weather during the summer, the heat may keep your cat warm enough. Still, it can depend on your location. If your summers are still relatively cool, your cat may need a light layer of clothing to be warm.

But if your area gets high temperatures, your cat may feel better without clothes. Just like in the winter, consider how you dress in your own home during the summer.

If you find yourself taking off clothes and wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, odds are your cat is hot, too. So you may want to take off their clothes and let them be.

With the Heating

Now, some heating systems can keep your cat warm enough during the colder months. If you have a good space heater, it may warm the room plenty. And if it keeps you warm, your cat probably feels the same.

Consider how much you use a heater during the winter and how it warms you up. You can also watch your cat’s body language. If they look for colder parts of your home when wearing clothes, they may not want to wear them.

The same is true if your cat normally likes wearing clothes but doesn’t enjoy it in the winter. You may just need to give the cat a break.

With Blankets

You can also determine if your cat needs clothes by considering their daily habits. Cats can sleep for 15 to 20 hours a day, so they aren’t very active. They may spend most of that sleeping time on or near a blanket.

If the blanket is warm, it could keep your cat warm enough when they sleep. So your cat may not need clothing to stay comfortable. If your cat sleeps throughout the house, consider where you can put some blankets:

  • The cat’s bed
  • Your bed
  • The couch
  • The floor (out of the way)
  • Near their food and water

You can also experiment with different blanket materials. Make sure the fabric won’t irritate your cat’s skin and see how your cat takes to a blanket. Then, you can choose the right ones to help your cat stay warm.

When your cat is active, they may feel warm enough from being on a blanket while sleeping. Watch your cat, and don’t be afraid to touch them to see if they feel warm, meaning they don’t need clothes.

Living in an Apartment

If you live in an apartment or a smaller house, it may have enough insulation to keep your cat warm. That’s especially true if you have carpeting throughout your home.

Carpeting can stay warmer than wood or tile, so it may be more comfortable for your cat. So they may be just fine without any clothes.

Again, consider how comfortable you feel when you’re at home. If you feel nice and warm, the home may have enough insulation for your cat.

Apartments generally don’t have high ceilings, and they can be small enough to trap in heat. You may still want some clothes on hand, but your cat may not need them much.

Alternatives to Clothes

If you find that your cat doesn’t need clothes, or they aren’t a fan of clothes, you have a few options. Of course, you can adjust your thermostat to make your cat more comfortable.

But if you already feel warm enough, you may not want to make yourself feel hot. Giving your cat some alternatives to keep warm can be a good option. That way, your cat can get warm when they need to, but they can also cool down if they get too hot.

Consider a few tools you can use to give your cat some warmth without dressing them up.


If your cat has a few favorite spots in your home, put some blankets there. Here are some ideas for blankets to get your Sphynx cat:

  • Fleece
  • Jersey
  • Fuzzy material

You can put a blanket on your cat’s bed, near their food and water, and near their litter box. That way, they always have easy access to something to keep them warm. However, they can easily leave the area if they get warm.

If you don’t have any fleece blankets, you can double up on the blankets. Then, your cat can still have enough warmth to feel comfortable at home.

Heating Cat Beds

If you haven’t bought your cat a bed, you may want to get a heated one. It can be a good option for when your cat is sleeping, especially if you don’t have a ton of blankets.

While it’s possible to use a heating pad, that isn’t the safest option for your cat. If your cat stays on the heating pad, it could hurt their skin.

Luckily, a heated cat bed is safe, and you can get one with different temperature controls. That way, you can make sure your cat can get warm without any risk.

You can even get one regular bed for when your cat is warm, and you can keep the heated bed for when your cat typically gets cold.

Cat Igloo

Cat Igloo

Some cats love to have a small place to rest, and a smaller place can trap heat better than any room in your home. If your cat likes to burrow, you can get a cat igloo. The igloo can provide enough room for your cat to snuggle up and get warm.

An igloo can use the existing air as well as your cat’s body heat to warm up. Then, your cat won’t lose as much body heat when they sleep or relax.

Using an igloo can be an excellent option if you find your cat is only cold when they sleep. Your cat can always get out of the igloo when they’re ready to get water or eat, or simply hang out with you.

Does Your Sphynx Cat Need Clothes?

As you can tell, a lot of factors can go into deciding if your Sphynx cat needs clothes. Some people love to dress up their cat to help with warmth but also style. Other people have found their cats don’t like wearing clothes or that their homes are warm enough.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding if your cat needs clothes:

  • Your cat’s tolerance for clothes
  • Your home’s temperature
  • Your own comfort
  • The season
  • Your cat’s body language

And if your cat is warm enough, then you don’t need to worry about anything. But if your cat is shivering or cuddles up to something warm, you should make sure they aren’t too cold.

If their temperature is off, you should take your cat to the vet. While adding or removing clothes may help, your cat may have a more serious issue.

Final Thoughts

Sphynx cats sometimes need clothes to be warm and comfortable. If you use their air conditioning or have wood or tile floors, they may not keep your cat warm. But if you have carpeting and good insulation, your cat may not need clothes. Think about your cat and your living situation to decide if you should dress your cat up.

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