5 Best Sweaters For Cats

Sweaters For Cats

Cats are beautiful, warm, and usually fluffy companions. Owners have long loved to dress up their dogs in clothing, and recently, cat clothes have become popular. Many cats love wearing sweaters, and while some cats need to swear sweaters for warmth, others enjoy wearing them for their style.

Here’s a great list of the best sweaters for cats. Some cats may need different materials and sizes based on their breeds. It’s also essential to know that the sweater should fit your cat comfortably and not be too big or tight. Hairless cats are more likely to need sweaters than other breeds.

Kooltail Plaid Hoodie

This stylish, lightweight hoodie will go great on most cats. The Kooltail Plaid Hoodie is available in three colors in the plaid pattern as well as sizes extra small to extra large. It’s made of cotton and polyester, so it’s breathable and will keep your cat warm.

As mentioned later, you should be careful with buying your cat a hoodie. If the hood is too big or loose, then your cat could get stuck on something if they’re playing around in their flexible hoodie.

There’s also an opening for a leash, so if you like to take your cat on walks, you can place this hoodie over your cat’s harness comfortably. The hoodie is also tight-fitting, so if you have a long-haired cat, make sure to get a size up, so you don’t compress their fur.

The seller notes to make sure to measure your cat correctly and get the appropriate size. A rule of thumb for cat sweaters is that you should be able to open the neck and have space to place it over your cat’s head. You should never force your cat’s head through a sweater opening.

Bolbove’s Bro’Bear Cable Knit Sweater

cat Sweater

This sweater is adorable, chunky, and stylish. It’s excellent for hairless and short-haired cats because of the chunkiness. The sweater is available in pink, blue, brown, and green with sizes from extra small to extra large. This cable knit sweater is made with warm acrylic fabric and is also machine washable.

The seller advises when sizing your cat to go by what their chest girth is for maximum comfort. You don’t want a sweater to be too tight around your cat’s chest because it can potentially cause breathing difficulties.

The sweater fits snugly, and many cat owners have also said this sweater has helped calm their anxious cats down as if they were getting a hug. The same principle works like how weighted blankets for humans and thunder jackets for dogs.

Evursua Cat Sweaters

Evursua has a beautiful line of cat sweaters available in many different designs. One of their most popular, the striped sweater, comes in pink and green and sizes extra small to large. Their sweaters are made from acrylic to help keep your cat warm but not overheat. The elasticity of the acrylic fabric also helps to dress and undress your cat more easily.

This sweater doesn’t have a harness or leash hole, but you can easily put a harness over the shirt to leash your cat outside. These sweaters are also flexible, which is excellent for energetic cats.

Many people love these sweaters for their cats because not only do they keep hairless cats warm, but they also work well for older cats who might feel colder than younger cats and have difficulties regulating their temperature.

Lanyar Vintage Ugly Cat Sweater

Everyone loves an ugly Christmas sweater, and this sweater is warm, comfy, and perfect for the pawlidays! Your cat will love to match their human family in an ugly Christmas sweater photo. The Lanyar ugly cat sweater comes in sizes extra small to extra extra large. They also come in a penguin print or a reindeer pattern. The sweaters are made of acrylic, so it’s breathable and warm.

This sweater fits gorgeously on any sized cat and runs small, so you should get one size up from what your cat measures. It’s machine washable in cold water, and you can only line-dry it.

Dociote Fleece Cat Sweater

Unlike most of the sweaters mentioned above, the Dociote is made of fleece. It is warm, soft, and cozy and will definitely keep your cat warm. It comes in several colors and sizes, small to large. It’s also machine washable, and the fabric doesn’t shrink or fade.

The fabric is also stretchy, so it’s easier to pull over your cat’s ears. You should always leave enough space to comfortably put the sweater over your cat’s head without touching their ears. This sweater also runs small, so you should buy it in size larger than your cat measures.

Guide for the Right Cat Sweater

Not every sweater will work for every cat, and there are various reasons that cats should wear sweaters. Cats naturally stay warm with their fur, so indoors, cats don’t need to wear sweaters. Some reasons cats can and should wear sweaters are:

  • Owner’s preference: if you want your cat to look stylish for a photoshoot, make sure that your cat is comfortable in its sweater
  • To be the best-looking cat around.
  • Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures: If your home is going to be less than 45ºF on average, you should get your cat a sweater and have plenty of warm places for your cat to go to
  • Creating a contrasting color to the environment, such as a dark color in the snow or a bright color in the forest
  • Post-surgery protection to keep your cat warm and prevent them from licking their wounds

If your cat is new to wearing sweaters, it might take some getting used to for them to wear. Keep them in a safe space until they are accustomed to wearing sweaters because their balance can be affected, and if they are adventurous, they may get stuck in some places.

Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

Some cats do better than others with sweaters due to their breed. You should be cautious about the sweaters you put on your cats because if they’re too warm, your cat can overheat and become sick from wearing the sweater for too long.

Cats with long, thick fur, like Maine Coons and Ragdolls should only wear light sweaters. Wearing a thick sweater can cause them to overheat. If there’s snow on the ground, a light sweater would be great for a long-haired cat to prevent snow from sticking to its fur.

Like the Sphynx and Elf, Hairless cats should always have a sweater on if they’re going outside in the cold. If you’re cold in your home, chances are your hairless cat is cold. You should make sure your hairless cat has a sweater to stay warm and comfortable.

Cats who Shouldn’t Wear Sweaters

Not all cats can or enjoy wearing sweaters. Like humans, some cats may react to the sweater material. Cats also may not like wearing sweaters or any clothes for that matter.

It’s also vital to buy quality sweaters like those listed above, especially if your cat has white or light-colored fur. Low-quality fabrics and yarns may have dye leech onto your cat’s fur, staining it for a few weeks.

Cats should also be comfortable in their own clothing. In some regions, cat clothes may not be as readily available as others, and it may be tempting to buy dog clothes, but keep in mind that dog clothes probably won’t fit your cat correctly. Basic dog clothes with a head and front paw opening will probably fit well, but avoid anything with a large hood or has a tail slot.

If your cat does not like wearing clothing or is having a reaction to a sweater, do not put a sweater or any clothing on them. Putting clothes on a cat could irritate them, and the struggle to get clothing on them could injure both of you. It could also stress your cat out and cause them to shed excessively and urinate outside of their box.


There are so many stylish and comfortable options for cat sweaters, and while they’re not necessary and are mostly for looks, it’s important to remember that not every cat likes wearing sweaters. Many cats love wearing clothes and flaunting them off to the family and guests.

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